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De Ghani Khan Yadona:
Singer: Engineer Mumand
Rabbab: Humayoon Sakhi
Doll : Tella Muhammad
Music Compostion: Engineer Mumand

If you really want to listen to Sofiana & patriotic Poems of the great Poet Ghani Khan, then dont miss this Album ! The great Ghazals of Ghani Khan choosen by Eng. Mumand!

Below we present you some samples which are short in mp3 Format! In real the songs are very long ,so we tried to cut some parts from that songs in order that u can listen to them! Thanks

De ashnaghar maghror malang 4:02 min

P l a y

Sta khpel kem Rabba sumra 5:24 min

P l a y

Rabba Zmaa Rabba 3:30 min

P l a y

Jwand ba se krrem 2:59 min

P l a y

ne we lewany manssor 3:29

P l a y

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