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Dear visitor!
Engineer Momand is one of the best Pashtu singer among our afghan artists inside and outside our beloved Country Afghanistan. He showed great interest in music during his school time.
During his high education in mechanical Engineering, he spent much time seeking Knowlegde in classic music from many musicians and Ustads like Marhoom Ustad Qasim and some Indian Classic Teachers.

After completting his high education , he worked as a mechanical engineer in north Afghanistan. He further didcated much of his time in practising classic music.

As many Afghans Engineer Momand had to leave his war weary and beloved Country Afghanistan and lived for a long time in Pakistan. There he continued his efforts in music and became one of the most Popular Radio/TV singer. There is not a day in which his nice songs arent streaming through the Pashtu Radio/TV stations in Peshawar.
Due to some political problems he had to leave Pakistan too, and he is now living in United States of America.

He is a great fan of unforgetable Pashtun Poets like Marhoom Ghani Khan, Rahman Baba, Khushaal Khan Khatak and most of his songs are based on their great patriotic , love and sofiana poetry.He also composes most of his songs himself.

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